Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

Saturday we did an Easter egg hunt with the Nielsens, it was a ton of fun! Sunday the girls looked so cute, we rag tied their hair and my grandma got them the sweetest dresses! We went to my aunt and uncle's for dinner and had a great time laughing and playing and doing whatever--they're so good to us! I wanted to take family pics with us all dressed up (and the girls looking so cute), they're pretty cute huh? (except for that fat lady in there...haha)
Thanks Mark, for taking pictures for us! :)

Bethany looked so cute Sunday, not that she cooperated for a picture!

Isn't that the cutest boy with braces?!?!

Aidan stealing an egg from Bethany! :)

This is what Bethany looked like after Aidan stole the egg from her--hehe!

Yeah, she's happy!

Maddie found an egg!

The girls really had a great time and so did Dave and I--which is always a plus!

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