Friday, March 21, 2008

The Weekend!

Oh I'm so glad its the weekend! How wonderful! This week has been busy, just like every week, with church stuff and ballet and work and last night Carla and I had a Lia Sophia party. I think I must have the worst luck with Lia Sophia because Carla's had two fantastic parties, and the last party I had was terrible, and once again no one showed up! I really love their jewelry and the hostess benefits (if anyone comes to your party!) are super fantastic! I know a few people who sell the jewelry and I was kind of hoping to get in on it as another option for a job, its a lot more workable and I would pretty easily make more money. But anyway, I really am glad for the weekend and really looking forward to Easter stuff and also tomorrow another ward in our stake invited us to the dollar theater for a big family activity, and I think that will be a lot of fun too! Another plus, the weather has been pretty nice, and its so fun for the girls to get out and play! Come on Spring!

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Kerrilyn said...

I am sorry I missed the Lia Sophia....I was going to call you to tell you I couldn't make it and I completely spaced it. I'm such a slacker. Please forgive me.

Melinda said...

Don't worry about it! I think there was something in the air, some weird thing or another came up for everyone, but if you want to look at a catalog or anything, let me know! :)