Thursday, May 01, 2008

Quick Update

Just a quick update! I had my dr.'s appointment today, I'm progressing just fine, except I lost a whole pound this last week?! Crazy huh? I'm dialated to a two and I'm seventy percent effaced (sp?), which is more than I was last week. We'll see what he says next week, I'm scheduled to be induced on the 19th, but could go before that, who knows? It's so hard because I don't want to go early because of TONS of things that are happening in the next few weeks, but I'm so tired of being pregnant! :) Oh well, there's nothing to do but wait, besides get stuff ready and go to the millions of meetings and appointments and whatever else we have going on! Oh, on a side note, Bethany has another ballet performance next Friday and Saturday, I'm so excited, she loves doing it so much! Tomorrow she's getting her pictures taken, she loves it because she gets to wear make-up! oooh la la! She has a bunch of rehearsals next week, hopefully it won't be too overwhelming for her, I'm sure she'll do just great though. Well, thats whats going on with us--atleast for this week!

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Bret Bushman Family said...

I am glad to hear things are going good with the baby...I am jeolous that you can lose weight while pregnant...I was not so fortunate however, you are so cute pregnant...good luck

Bret Bushman Family said...

I am glad to hear everything is going good for you and the baby...hang in there we all know the last couple of weeks are the worst...and I can't believe you can actually lose weight while pregnant...I was not so fortunate

Bret Bushman Family said...

Oh I just figured it out that you have to approve my comments...sorry you will be getting the same one twice from me