Monday, May 05, 2008

What a Weekend!

I'm sure ever post I write sounds like our life is completely crazy, but I guess it is, so thats why! And this weekend was no exception! Saturday started with Bethany's rehearsal, from 9:30 to 11:30, she did really well and listened so good. After she got home, we got the girls dressed in Sunday clothes and headed to the church for Jolyn's funeral. They asked the Primary kids and the teenagers to sing some Primary hymns before the funeral started, so we practiced for a little bit and went into the chapel to sing. I love the primary songs, they are so sweet and touching, I thought I'd be okay but a few of them really got to me and I just couldn't hold myself together! It was I think the most beautiful funeral I've ever been to, the songs that were sung were amazing and I cried during all of them, and the people who spoke were so wonderful and sweet, the things they said were absolutely perfect! I cried a lot, but in a good way too, it was a hard day but I'm so thankful we went and were able to feel the spirit that was there! After that I was pretty exhausted and just went home and crashed.
Sunday was a pretty busy day as well, I had Ward Council (that I was late for because my brain just doesn't function anymore! I thought the meeting started at 8:30, but it started at 8:00! I had to walk in with a bright red face...), came home and got the girls' ready for church, got Bethany's talk all ready, went to church, then after church my visiting teachers came. Its always fun to sit and visit with them, its nice to have visiting teachers that are about the same age and stage in life, where we can talk about the same kinds of things, it was really fun. It's my uncle's b-day tomorrow, so we'd planned to get together for a family dinner that night, but I got a phone call that Leanne was in the hospital- her water broke that morning! Lucky her.... :) We still got together for dinner and then as a big group went to see Leanne and the new baby in the hospital. She's absolutely ADORABLE! So sweet, it's hard to remember how tiny newborn babies are, but she was so calm and mellow, it was very fun to go and see them! Of course Bethany couldn't stay away from her, she is so into babies!
So anyway, there was our weekend, now just about every one I know has had their baby and here I am waiting my turn. Hopefully the time will fly--I know it will in general, its just the day by day thing, and not sleeping at night, that makes it seem longer! Oh well, still lots to get done and it will be my turn soon enough!

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Keith and Kerrilyn's family of 4 said...

I loved the funeral too. It was really hard to get through it though. I wanted to come and sing, but I was having a potato crisis (they weren't cooking fast enough) and am kinda bummed about that, but oh well.
Hang in there with the baby, he'll be out in no time at all. Sorry about the not sleeping though...I would die without that.

Bret Bushman Family said...

Thanks for the Twilight trailer...That is not how I pictured Edward...
You are right...the funeral was amazing