Monday, May 12, 2008

Still Here.....

Yup, no baby yet! Despite having some pretty good contractions all weekend, I'm still here and waiting! We've been trying to get last minute things done, got the cradle all ready, bought some diapers the other day, and I packed my hospital bag. But still waiting! Saturday night was pretty miserable, I had contractions all night, so I didn't get hardly any sleep. They finally stopped about six o'clock in the morning, so all night I'm worrying about how long I should wait or what I'm going to do with my girls and in between dreaming about having a baby, it was an interesting night! And yesterday was Mother's Day, wouldn't it have been so cool to have had the baby yesterday?! Oh well, it was still a very nice day! I didn't have any meetings so I got to sleep in--yippee!--and David made dinner (which isn't really a surprise, since he makes dinner almost every night!) and we went to Mark & Carla's and played games with them and Romrells', it was very fun--and good for me to get out of the house and keep my mind off things! So anyway, I'm still here but hopefully in the next little bit, you'll get a different kind of post, one where I
don't sound so depressed! :)
Here are a couple pictures of the Mother's in my life! I'm so very grateful for the wonderful example's of my mother and David's mother, I am very blessed to have them in my life!

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Delee Cox said...

I hope he comes soon! I'm sure Every day seems like a week long, and the sleepless nights.... I feel for you, my friend! We can't wait to see him! Happy Mother's Day.